Welcome to  horizonsupply.co  - The home of Bring Me The Horizon's official merchandise.

We formed Bring Me The Horizon back in 2004, but Horizon Supply Co is our new venture. We wanted to take creative control back over our merchandise and have some fun with it.  

Horizon Supply is sold exclusively from our webstore. It's important to know that while you may see some similar designs at our shows, they are not the same products. The products you see on this website are bespoke & custom designed to our specifications by our small team of friends & family in our hometown of Sheffield. When we tour we need to keep the costs down so they are affordable, therefore we have to use a generic fitting t-shirt.  

At Horizon Supply Co we take pride in the quality of our products and go the extra mile to give you (our fans) the best merchandise possible. 

Thanks for the support,

Oli, Lee, Jordan, Matt & Vegan